Drupal Camp Bangalore - 2015


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We are delighted to announce the first ever DrupalCamp in Bangalore. DrupalCamps are regular conferences held in major Drupal hubs throughout the world and Bangalore has now joined that list with the support of the local community - Drupal Bangalore, and the IEEE Young Professionals organisation. This is a free event made possible by our kind sponsors.

Bangalore, is called the silicon valley of India due to its role as the nation’s largest information technology exporter. Many large companies and startups are head-quartered here. It is also home to many open source initiatives such as FOSS, FSMK, and individual enthusiasts. Bangalore is also home to 30+ engineering colleges, and other institutions that help train several thousands of students on various software technologies. With a strong presence of information technology companies and institutions, a major Drupal conference has been long missed in this city.

DrupalCamp Bangalore will run on 25th and 26th of July, 2015. The first day will be filled with informative sessions related to Drupal, PHP, and web technologies in general. At the same time, the classic Drupal in a Day training will be conducted for everyone who are new to Drupal and willing to learn more about it to build amazing websites. The second and last day of a DrupalCamp is traditionally reserved for contributing to the Drupal project in an event called a “sprint”, and DrupalCamp Bangalore will be no different. The camp will be packed with enough learning to help you take your skills to the next level.

DrupalCamp Bangalore also makes business sense. The camp is kindly sponsored by several companies who work with Drupal or technologies around it. This will be an excellent chance for companies to interact with other organisations and come together to solve problems. It is also ideal for individuals to interact with these companies and get hired.

We are very excited to welcome you to this first ever held DrupalCamp in Bangalore. Start by registering for the camp by clicking the Register button at the top of this page. Registration is free and your lunch is on us. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates about the camp.

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