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Description about Bangalore Drupal community

Bangalore is home to the largest Drupal population in India, with 500+ registered users on It is a diverse population consisting of everyone from professionals working in large companies to students who are trying out Drupal for a simple website.

The community had it’s humble beginnings with scattered, undocumented meetups almost a decade ago. Over the past five years, we have redefined our structure to better manage events, big and small. We have organized regular monthly meetups, minicamps, trainings, and sprints over this period. With enough experience with smaller events, we are now ready to bring a DrupalCamp to the city.

Planning a camp is a big challenge and it takes every team member to make it possible. Drupal’s tagline is “Come for the code, stay for the community.” The awesome Drupal community is reflected in each of the members who have directly or indirectly made the camp possible. Community is indeed greater than the sum of the individuals as demonstrated so clearly by everyone throughout the planning and execution of the DrupalCamp.

Even when not planning a camp, the community is busy in helping Drupalers in the city to use Drupal with greatest efficiency. The monthly meetups see regular folks who get together to discuss techniques and solve problems. Each meetup welcomes new members and they are a part of the community. Some of these members also participate in other meetups and conferences where they evangelize Drupal and bring back tricks of the trade which ultimately make Drupal better.