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Accepted Sessions

DrupalCamp Bangalore will feature tracks of curated sessions showcasing some of the best and brightest minds in the Drupal community and the web. Anyone can propose a session. They will be filtered by a committee. The sessions will be about Drupal or related with the web development world. Topics such as front end, working methodologies, testing, related technologies, business, Devops, management.

The Call For Papers have been closed. Please find below the accepted list of sessions.

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Unit testing PHP code

This talk will cover the following topics

Say "Hello world!" to Drupal 8 custom module development

As a Drupal Developer , we all need to know, how to create a custom module.

Leveraging Jenkins CI for web application stability

The session will show how Jenkins can be leveraged to run scheduled or on-demand tests on your web application to minimise regression, early detection and real time performance insights. 

Introduction to Symfony Components and helper components in Drupal 8

Drupal has adopted Symfony in Core. This session will focus on understanding Symfony Framework Components which have been used in Drupal. 

Internet of Things - Rest APIs - Integration with Drupal

* An open source API First IoT Platform ZettaJS

* Live demo of Internet of things - Drupal Integration

* Track your IoT Devices in Drupal CMS - API Integration - Restful


How Remote Working is Changing Our Lives

It has to be understood that an open source community such as Drupal with a user-base & contributors spread across several cities, countries and continents is essentially a remotely...

Headless Drupal - What is it and why is it?

An introduction to Headless Drupal which is a new sector in Drupal development.

When to go Headless and What are the Pros and Cons of it.

Getting into Drupal 8 Migration

The Migration API provides services for migrating data from one place to another (usually, importing it into Drupal entities).

from Consumption to Contribution - Lessons for India

We are at the cusp of a Drupal talent explosion and it’s going to come from India. 

Drupal in a Day training

Drupal in a Day training helps you get started with your own Drupal website within a day.

Drupal 8 Multilingual Awesomeness and What's New!

There is an amazing set of new features in Drupal 8. In this session we will be discussing the new features and improvements in Multilingual Drupal 8 in comparison with D7 and how it enables...

Dockerized Drupal development


Docker has quickly become the favorite virtualization tool for many people.  

Configuration Management in Drupal 8

Link to the presentation :

Building a multimedia site with Drupal 8

This session will present some ways to go about making a multimedia site in Drupal 8.

Key items of the session will be:

Behat for writing tests in a stylized way

We know Behat (Behavioral Driven Development) is an open source behavior-driven development framework for PHP 5.3 and 5.4, where you can write SimpleTest using Behat.