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from Consumption to Contribution - Lessons for India

We are at the cusp of a Drupal talent explosion and it’s going to come from India. 

In past years, too many organisations suffered from a “take what is needed” and “this is mine” mentality which got transcended to their talent. However, as the battle for talent continues, organizations are being forced to change. One major change is moving from consumption of open source offerings to creating and contributing back to the community. As a result, these organizations are evolving to a “shared and ours” state of mind which is replacing mediocre talent with good and great. 

This presentation will cover the growth and evolution of India’s Drupal community, the changing attitude from consumption to contribution, how world is taking note of the same and how it's affecting growth at an Individual and organisational level.


NOTE: I am attaching the slidedeck from my Drupalcamp London CXO session. Once selected, I will tweak it further to make it more suitable/ relevant for the Bangalore camp audience.

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07/25/2015 - 11:30-07/25/2015 - 12:30
Room 3