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Dockerized Drupal development


Docker has quickly become the favorite virtualization tool for many people.  

This session will explore the advantages of using a dockerized setup and building sites as a complete Docker image, this will include the web server (with its dependencies) and the site code.  Undertand how to do a complete and repeatable site deployment, whilst ensuring there are consistent elements in place for supporting it.  

This talk will cover some of the best practices followed at TimeInc. that includes:

➢ Portability ​- Sites must be able to run anywhere (locally, self hosted or cloud hosted)

➢ DRY ​- Sites must have a single point of truth for configuration and management.  Code must be re-used wherever possible.

➢ Separation of concerns​- Sites should be able to trust that infrastructure requirements will be met and will not need to know about their run-time environments.

➢ Maintainability​- Sites should have a standardised maintenance regime, allowing for easy upgrading and patching.

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Session Time Slot(s)

07/25/2015 - 10:30-07/25/2015 - 11:30
Room 3